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Safeway Job Application Online

When you looking for a job at supermarket, American supermarket chain, Safeway could give you the job you want. The supermarket chain has more than 1,600 stores in United State and Canada with workers more than 178,000. With workers come in and out, you can expect many job opportunities from the supermarket chain. If you want to apply the job, online application is the easiest and the fastest way to do it. Online Safeway Job Application Form is available in the official website of Safeway. For printable application form, Safeway does not provide it.

Safeway needs so many workers in various positions since Supermarket has numerous departments. In some stores, you can even find fuel stations. Clerk as the common position in store is separated by the departments. In Safeway, clerk positions are including Food Clerk, Bakery Clerk, Courtesy Clerk, Deli Clerk, Meat Clerk, Produce Clerk, Starbuck Clerk, and Dairy Clerk. The other positions available are including but not limited to Cashier, Stocker, Delivery Driver, Meat Cutter, Doughnut Fryer, Seafood Wrapper, Pharmacy Technician, Pharmacy Help Desk Specialist, and Cake Decorator. In managerial, the positions are including shift leader, department supervisor, assistant store manager, and store manager.

Job description for different positions is different. Responsibility of worker is different depend on the job. Higher positions would be higher responsibility. Stocker would be responsible to ensure the products are displayed neatly and organized. They must check expire dates of the products and responsible in product rotation. Mostly, cleaning is included in the job description. For cashier, the job description is including operate registers, handle money, and anything related to assisting customers in final purchase in the supermarket. Managers of Safeway would have more responsibility. Depend on the job, managers commonly responsible in managing worker’s schedule, monitoring, training, and employment.

Salary of the workers is depending on the position, work experience, and department of operation. Of course, higher position will give you higher salary. For entry-level job such as stocker, clerk, and cashier, the expectable salary is around minimum wage. Specialist would earn more due to more responsibility. Managers would earn bigger up to $75,000. However, Safeway tries to maintain competitive salary. Additional job benefits in Safeway are not merely available for managers. Even entry-level workers could get flexible scheduling and quality job training as their benefits. If you work hard and get promotion, you can expect more benefits. For eligible employees only, health and wellness benefits, future planning 401(k) retirement plans, credit union membership, and tuition reimbursement are only several examples of Safeway benefits for the workers.

To apply the job online, you need to check the available positions and choose one that you interest. Fill the form completely with correct information. You need to follow all instruction given and wait for the respond. They will inform you about the next employment phase, if you are qualified. Interview is something very important in employment that you need to prepare yourself well. Remember to learn the company fact because you need it to impress the interviewer. Then, you also need to learn the basic of supermarket to increase your chance to be employed.

Click here or here to apply online at Safeway.

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